2019-20 Residents

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Sandra (Sandy) Baptie

Sandy is a 2019 UBC pharmacy graduate with a previous BSci degree in 2014 who is from White Rock. She is passionate about Mental Health and is very interested in psychopharmacology. She has had many travel adventures in Spain, Portugal and even a South African Safari. Ask her about the world’s highest bungee jump. Her friends describer her as enthusiastic, determined and empathetic.

Resident Advisor: Rumi McGloin

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Arielle Beauchesne

Arielle is a 2019 UBC pharmacy graduate who is from Calgary, AB. She has lived in Saskatchewan, Alberta and BC. In her free time she enjoys volleyball (with her amazing height it’s no wonder!), attending music concerts, skiing and travelling. Her favorite trip was to Southeast Asia. One of her favorite quotes is “Nothing will work unless you do” ~Maya Angelou.

Resident Advisor:  Marianna Leung

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Charlotte Bohmert

Charlotte is a 2019 UBC graduate from Tsawwassen. She associates some great food memories with her travels such as pretzels in Germany, waffles in Belgium and wine in France. She loves coffee, true crime mysteries, trivia and instagram (of course). One of her favorite quotes is “There is nothing so stable as change.” ~Bob Dylan

Resident Advisor:  Gloria Su

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Wui (Ming) Chang 

Ming is a 2009 UBC pharmacy graduate from Richmond, BC. He has worked in community practice (both as front line pharmacist and in management roles), residential care and has been involved with various committees of the BC College of Pharmacists. He enjoys playing the guitar both for relaxation and in his band. A memorable travel adventure was enjoying a fine breeze from the Sea of Japan while riding a camel on the sand dunes of Tottori.

Resident Advisor:  Trana Hussaini

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Shazia Damji

Shazia is a 2019 UBC pharmacy graduate who considers Toronto her hometown. She is a fan of the Harry Potter movies, Interstellar and the Dark Knight. She’s had some interesting travel adventures - ask her about the chapel made of human bones and a pharmacy-themed restaurant in Portugal. When relaxing, she likes to browse Instagram.

Resident Advisor:  Katherin Badke

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Maninder (Mike) Dhaliwal

Mike is a 2019 UBC pharmacy graduate with a previous BSci degree in 2014 who is from Surrey, BC. He plays competitive basketball and enjoys hiking; he’s also known to binge watch some shows on Netflix. When browsing in his free time, he might be checking his fantasy football team scores. An interesting aspiration of his is to one day run for political office.

Resident Advisor:  Rochelle Gellatly

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Geraldine Gabriel

Geraldine is a 2011 U of A pharmacy graduate with community practice experience, hospital experience at the Miseracordia Hospital in Edmonton; and she served as a pharmacy lab preceptor for pharmacy students at U of A. She calls Edmonton her hometown but she has also lived in Saskatoon, Montreal and Calgary. She has a passion for geriatric patient care. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, playing tennis and hip-hop dance.

Resident Advisor:  Mike Kammermayer

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Gurleen Gill

Gurleen is a 2019 UBC pharmacy graduate with a previous BSci degree with Honors in 2013 who calls Burnaby home. She grew up being extremely fearful of dogs but has since overcome that fear and is now a dog-lover and happy dog owner. She had a whirlwind trip to Europe in the summer of 2017 and visited over ten countries with her cousins. A favorite quote of hers is: “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”

Resident Advisors:  Tim Leung (RCH)

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Casara Hong

~ Adult Pod Chief Resident ~

Casara is a 2019 UBC pharmacy graduate with a previous BSci degree in 2015. She considers Calgary her home town. She was a competitive golfer playing Varsity Golf at UBC and she was part of Team Canada at the World University Golf Championships in Crans-Montana, Switzerland. Her friends describe her as kind, considerate and driven (no golf pun intended!). When not doing something active, she likes to relax and browse Instagram for interior design inspirations.

Resident Advisor:  Renee Dagenais

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Min Hwa (Kevin) Hong

Kevin is a 2019 UBC pharmacy graduate from Vancouver with a previous BMSci degree (Pharmacology) in 2015. He has lived in South Korea, Hong Kong and in Ontario. He enjoys photography, cooking and reading manga. His three favorite movies of all time are Battle Royale, Amelie and John Wick. During his pharmacy degree, he served as a student coordinator of the interdisciplinary primary care clinic at the Three Bridges Community Health Centre in downtown Vancouver.

Resident Advisor:  Wynnie Lau

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Sydney Huebner

Sydney is a 2019 U of S pharmacy graduate from Weyburn, Saskatchewan. (Fun fact about Weyburn - it boasts the only KFC buffet in Canada … yes, you read that correctly). Sydney grew up playing water polo and had the chance to play against international teams in France during high school. In keeping with water sports, she enjoyed scuba diving and cliff jumping in Bali on a two month trip. Her favorite quote is “A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions” Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.

Resident Advisor:   Roxane Carr

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Hyoung (Jun) Kim

Jun is a 2019 UBC pharmacy graduate who lives in North Vancouver but he was born in New Zealand and as a child he lived in Incheon, South Korea. He has a previous BSci degree in Biochemistry in 2013. He enjoys soccer and follows the European football (soccer) league standings. He also spends time on Instagram and YouTube when relaxing. His favorite movies include Zootopia, Captain America: Civil War and John Wick and his favorite quote “I am Iron Man”.

Resident Advisor:  Ann-Marie Liberman

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Kevin Kwok

~ Adult pod Chief Resident ~

Kevin is a 2016 UBC pharmacy graduate from Vancouver who has worked both in community and hospital settings (at Lions Gate Hospital). He is also enrolled in the Pharm D program at U of A. Kevin likes playing sports, hiking, riding his motorcycle and watching movies for relaxation. He is an NBA fan and is most likely checking the latest scores on his phone in his free time. As a child he was more comfortable ice skating than walking. His favorite quote is “Whatever you do, do it well.” ~Walt Disney.

Resident Advisor:  Nichoe Huan

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Kaitlyn Lee

Kaitlyn is a 2018 UBC pharmacy graduate from Vancouver and has worked in community practice for the past year. Last summer she went backpacking across Italy, Greece and Spain and a memorable moment was watching the sunset in Santorini. She loves a good board game, watching Netflix and spending time with friends and family. When browsing on her phone in her free time, she is likely reading Buzzfeed articles. A fun fact about Kaitlyn: she can solve a Rubik’s cube!

Resident Advisor:  Marianna Leung

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Shannon Lee

Shannon is a 2016 UBC pharmacy graduate from Vancouver, she has worked at Lions Gate Hospital and at BC Cancer. At LGH she helped train pharmacy technicians to take BPMH as part of med rec. One of her memorable travel adventures was snorkeling with the sea turtles in Maui. She loves to bake and also look at food pictures or restaurant reviews online. One of her hobbies is crocheting amigurumi gifts. She is conflicted about tomatoes - she loves tomato-based pasta sauces but doesn’t like eating raw tomatoes.

Resident Advisor:  Kevin Chiu

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Lily Lin 

Lily is a 2019 UBC pharmacy graduate from Vancouver, she has a previous BSciHon degree from McGill University in in 2015. Her friends describe her as thoughtful, ambitious and genuine. She enjoys painting, sketching and watching Bob Ross videos (and the happy little clouds). A memorable trip was to sunny Hawaii and snorkelling in Hanauma Bay. In her free time, she looks at funny dog pictures, watches YouTube videos and is an avid pin collector.

Resident Advisor:  Megan Harbin

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Jessica Loucks

Jessica is a 2019 UBC pharmacy graduate from Brighton, Ontario. She has a previous BSciHon degree from the University of Guelph in 2014. She has also lived and worked in Banff, Alberta. She is an outdoors person and loves to run, ski, hike and camp. She had an amazing hiking adventure in Peru with her sister, they visited Machu Picchu and hiked to an altitude of 4750 m! In keeping with her love of nature, she is also a collector of house plants.

Resident Advisor:  Michelle Hinch

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Tyson Miao

Tyson is a 2019 UBC pharmacy graduate who calls Richmond home. He was born in China but grew up in Canada and a little know fact is that he chose his own first name from a TV show. A memorable trip was a fundraising trek with a group of friends in Nepal where they hiked to Everest Base Camp arriving just after a major avalanche closed down the mountain. They were successful in raising money for infant heart surgeries in Tanzania.

Resident Advisor: Jerrold Perrott

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Tessa Milic

Tessa is a 2019 UBC pharmacy graduate who calls Delta home. She enjoys keeping active with weight-lifting and distance running. She recently traveled to Brisbane Australia where she loved the beautiful landscapes and amazing wildlife especially the koalas. She is a speedy reader when it comes to novels and she has keen musical ear. She can reproduce any song she knows on the piano without sheet music.

Resident Advisor: Yvonne Huang

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Jenna Neufeld-Peters  

Jenna is a 2019 UBC pharmacy graduate with a previous BSci degree with Honors in 2012 as well as certified pharmacy technician training in 2004. She is from Abbotsford but calls Port Moody home now. She enjoys the classics such as Sound of Music and Breakfast at Tiffany’s and the more recent biographical NASA drama Hidden Figures. She has traveled extensively but a favorite trip was to Norway and Germany to see the northern lights, feed reindeer and go to the Christmas markets.

Resident Advisor:  Denise Werry

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David Poon

David is a 2019 U of A pharmacy graduate with a previous BSci degree with Honors in 2015. He is from Edmonton and has lived there all his life. He enjoys volleyball, photography and spends time on YouTube and Twitter. He has a clinical interest in oncology. A little know fact about David is that he is ‘addicted’ to ketchup! His favorite quote by Albert Einstein is “Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that its stupid.”

Resident Advisor: Erica Wang

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Arjun Randhawa

Arjun is a 2019 UBC pharmacy graduate with a previous BSci degree in 2015; he is from Merritt, BC. He had a whirlwind European trip in 2018 where he visited France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium and Monaco in 4 weeks. He enjoys playing a musical instrument from Punjab called the tumbi. When relaxing he likes to watch YouTube videos on theories and browse the posts on Reddit. His favorite movies include Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, Good Will Hunting and The Pursuit of Happiness.

Resident Advisor:  Herb Wong

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Caeleigh Smith

Caeleigh is a 2019 UBC pharmacy graduate with a previous BSci degree in 2011 who is from Langley. She enjoys working with animals and has worked at a veterinary clinic and as a zookeeper in the past. Some favorite pass times include reading a new book, sewing and checking out a new brewery. She is also a fan of true crime podcasts. She once went on a 3-month backpacking trip through western Europe. If we asked her friends to describe her they would say “caring, curious and hungry”.

Resident Advisor:  Kendra Sih

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Tracy Souza

Tracy is a 2017 UBC pharmacy graduate who is from North Vancouver. She has worked in community practice and as a Grade I pharmacist at RCH and BH. She enjoys learning to play new musical instruments and cooking or baking new recipes from around the world. A little known fact about Tracy is that she loves durians (even though she’s a little allergic)! A memorable trip in 2018 was to Central Europe and soaking in the beautiful Szechenyi baths in Budapest beside the elderly Hungarians in tight Speedos playing chess.

Resident Advisor:  Cindy Luo

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Kelsey Wierstra  

~ Peds pod Chief Resident ~

Kelsey is a 2019 U of A pharmacy graduate from Edmonton; she has also lived in Queensland, Australia. She is a runner and loves to run in her free time. Last year she completed her first half-marathon! Should loves to spend time in the mountains rock climbing and mountain biking. She had an amazing trip when she traveled to Ecuador and spent 2 weeks in a remote Amazonian village to help build a healthcare clinic there. When relaxing and browsing she is most likely on Instagram looking at travel pictures or puppy videos.

Resident Advisor:  Jennifer Kendrick

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Qiong (Joan) Wu

Joan is a 2012 UBC pharmacy graduate from Vancouver with a Pharm D degree from the University of Colorado in 2017. She has worked at UBC hospital with the BC Psychosis program, at Downtown Community Health Centre and Gateway Pharmacy in Surrey. When she has free time she enjoys playing board games, curling up with a good book and re-watching Disney movies. She had a memorable trip to Oahu, Hawaii with friends and finding all the good places to eat while exploring the island.

Resident Advisor:  Matt Tsang

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Felicia Yang

Felicia is a 2017 UBC pharmacy graduate who is from Calgary. She has also lived in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vancouver and Abbotsford. She has some unique work experience at the Pacific Regional Pharmacy on-site hospital as well as videohealth pharmacy consults across 10 institutions for Correctional Service Canada in Abbotsford. She enjoys playing badminton, practicing yoga, exploring new restaurants and going to movies with her friends. She claims she can falls asleep almost anywhere. Her favorite quote is “Everyday of our lives, we are on the verge of making those slight changes that would make all the difference.”

Resident Advisor:  Karen Ng

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Alison Yong

Alison is a 2009 UBC pharmacy graduate from Vancouver. She has also lived in Toronto. She has worked in community practice as well as the Downtown Community Health Centre. She is a fan of music festivals (Coachella, Bonnaroo) and a big sports fan - NFL (New Orleans Saints), NHL (Canucks) and MLB (Phillies). She takes her fantasy football league very seriously. She has a strong interest in both mental health and HIV clinical areas. She once hiked for a short while in Arizona’s Valley of Fire in 40C plus weather! When watching TV she enjoys NCIS, The Americans and Nailed It!

Resident Advisor: Mike Legal

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Shi-Yuan Yu

Shi-Yuan is a 2019 UBC pharmacy graduate with a previous BSci degree in 2014. She was born in China and moved to Coquitlam when she was 5. A memorable trip was to India, Maldives and Sri Lanka last summer that involved 9 flights. Her favorite movies include Mulan, Titanic and Harry Potter and in case there’s ever a power outage she can recite the entire Mulan movie herself! In her free time she enjoys photography, browsing Instagram, traveling and sewing. Her friends would describe her as kind, hard working and creative.

Resident Advisor:  Craig Roels

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Florian Zhou 

Florian is a 2019 UBC pharmacy graduate from Vancouver. He was born in Germany but moved to Canada as a toddler and he has also lived in Montreal. He had an amazing travel adventure going to Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia for 6 weeks. He also enjoys running, cycling, snowboarding and playing volleyball. For relaxation he plays the guitar and has been know to binge-watch TV shows. A favorite quote from Wayne Gretzky is “You miss 100% of the shots you never take.”

Resident Advisor:  Krystin Boyce

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