What is the advanced pharmacy residency program, year 2?

The Advanced Pharmacy Residency Year 2 program is aimed at developping future clinical pharmacy specialists by offering a combination of experiential rotations encompassing research, leadership and patient care practice.

Why do an advanced practice pharmacy residency?

The aim of the advanced practice pharmacy residency is to train clinicians to serve in specific specialities that aim to better serve the complex health needs of the lower mainland. Enrolling in this practice residency will increase your knowledge and skills in a specified area of study and make you more able to serve the healthcare needs of your patients.

Why this advance residency program over others offered by other health authorities/schools?

LMPS is offering the first advanced pharmacy residency program in Canada. Our program is the first of its kind in Canada. [additional details why we're better]

What are the requirements for admission?

Basic requirements include: 

  1. Completion of an CPRB or APRB accredited year 1 residency program.
  2. 2-5 years work experience in a clinical setting or equivalent

For full details on requirements, please visit our admissions criteria page.

What is the admission process?

Application for the LMPS APRY2 program open in the fall You will need to fill out an application, attach your resume, a letter of intent, university transcripts and submit it with the appropriate administrative fee. You will also be required to mail 3 sealed letters of reference no later than [date] to:


Should you be shortlisted for an interview, you will be contacted via email by the end of February to select a date for your interview. Interviews take place during March. Unfortunately, due to the volume of candidates and interviews, once you set a time for your interview, it cannot be changed.

What is the interview process? Do I need to bring anything?

Our interviews occurs on site in the Metro Vancouver area. We recommend you arrive to the site early as the hospitals are quite large and easy to get lost in. The interviews will be a panel style, with a duration between 30 minutes-1 hour.

While we do not require you bring anything, it is recommended that you come prepared for the interview.

I've been offered admission to this program, now what?

Congratulations! Please see our onboarding procedure to see the next steps in your journey!

Will my prior credits count towards my residency?

Prior credits are evaluated on a case by case basis depending on the nature and completion of the previous programs. Please note that PRY1 rotations will not count as credit towards your APRY2 residency.

Is this program accredited?

At the moment, accreditation of our program is scheduled for 2018. CHPRB will evaluate our program for accreditation. Accreditation can be applied retroactively to graduates, who will also receive the CSHP APRY2 title when our program is fully accredited.