Call for 2015-16 Residency Research Project Proposals

It’s hard to believe it’s that time of the year again, but our incoming 2015-16 residents are already gearing up to start their residencies in just a handful of months. 

So with that, I would like to make the call for residency research project proposals for the 2015-16 residency cycle. 

Please take a moment to review our Project Resources page for details on the project process and what’s involved. 

What's the bottom line on what makes a suitable project?  

That there be:

  1. Learning value for a resident
  2. A research question relevant to your practice area, our department, our institution(s), or our profession be addressed, and
  3. The project can be reasonably completed within 9 months in the context of all the other requirements of the residency program

This leaves considerable latitude for project designs and you are invited to think beyond the traditional bounds of "residency-type" projects. For example, some recent projects have beenqualitative/quantitative systematic reviews.  Or why not talk to your colleagues at other sites in our department and plan a multi-site project?


 To submit a project proposal, please complete the 1-page Project Proposal Template and Project Suitability Checklist found on our Project Resources page and e-mail both of these documents directly to April 30th.   

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions at all.