Preparing for Your Rotation

Asked to precept a rotation?  

Once you've completed the requirements listed on the New Preceptor Orientation page, please download the LMPS Rotation Manual Template and add in your rotation-specific content.  Once this is completed, please forward your completed rotation manual in Word format to our Program Administrative Assistant, along with PDF copies of any required readings the resident is expected to complete prior to and during the course of the rotation.  These will be posted to one45 and will appear alongside your rotation in the residents’ schedule.  

Unsure on the difference between goals and objectives?  How do I create outcome-based learning objectives for my rotation?  Have a look at the CSHP webinar “Goals and Objectives - What's the Difference Anyways?” presented by Anjana Sengar and Anna Chiu.  Please also see Creating Objectives - the ABCD Method

Goals are broad, general statements that describe what the resident will gain from instruction and are generally difficult to measure.  Objectives are narrow, specific and measurable, describing what the resident should be able to DO to consider them competent.

As required by CPRB, rotation manuals must be reviewed and updated annually.  Preceptors will be prompted to do so by our Program Administrative Assistant at the beginning of each year.