Research Resources


Review Processes

Administrative and ethical review are different but interdependent processes.  Normally, neither body will issue a certificate of approval without the other having given its approval, and the two groups generally work together behind the scenes. Registration is an additional process applying to some types of studies.

Comprehensive resources about this are available on the LMPS Pharmacy Researchers site.  Please note that this website was developed and is maintained by Dr. Peter Loewen.

TIP: ALWAYS write a complete protocol before beginning to apply for ethical review. This will greatly enhance the chances of approval on the first round with the REB.


Ethics Tutorials

The UBC REBs require all trainees involved in research (i.e., residents) to complete an online Tricouncil Policy Statement 2 (TCPS2) tutorial.  This is a worthwhile introduction to the ethical framework governing researchers working with human subjects.  Project preceptors are strongly urged to complete it as well.


Statistical and Methodological Support

Online Courses

I Heart Stats
NotreDameX: SOC120x I Heart Stats: Learning to Love Statistics:

Statistics in Medicine (Stanford)

Writing in the Sciences (Stanford)


General online resources

Which statistical test to use:

Chi Squared test:

Background readings on statistical tests:


Local workshops

FH Department of Research and Evaluation:

e.g.: Surveys 101, Posters and Oral Presentations, Analyzing Research Data Using Excel

UBC Research Commons Workshops

e.g.: Best Practices for Research Data Management, SPSS (linear regression, logistic regression, survival analysis)

Cochrane Training Workshop and Courses

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