Residency Project Oversight Committee (RPOC)

RPOC Terms of Reference


The Residency Project Oversight Committee (RPOC) is charged with reviewing all residency project proposals.  The review of proposals by the RPOC involves assessment of (but is not limited to) research design, ethical and administrative approval processes, data collection best-practices, funding, statistical analysis resources, and dissemination strategies.  Other factors considered include: the time required to answer the clinical/research question (i.e.: can the question be answered given the time and resources available to the resident); the likelihood that the project may interfere with other residency rotations; the scientific value of the project (i.e.: will the project contribute to existing knowledge?); whether the proposed methodology is likely to be able to provide valid and reliable information; and whether the research team is comprised of people who possess the skills/experience to carry out the work.  Upon submission of project proposals, preceptors are asked to refer to the suitability checklist as these are the criteria considered during the review process.

In an effort to be fair and balanced, the RPOC membership includes people with a variety of experience in different pharmacy practice areas, research skills and experience, and from different areas within LMPS. Every effort is made to provide comments to potential preceptors if issues with proposals are noted. Time is given for preceptors to modify proposals so that they can be offered to residents. In some cases proposals are not approved by RPOC. In general, proposals that have not been approved in the past have issues related to feasibility given the time and resources available to residents and for issues related to scientific value based on methodology or based on what the project may contribute to the existing body of literature.

If you have any comments, suggestions, or questions for the Committee, please send these through the Program Coordinator.