2017-18 ePortfolios

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Karyn Bagri - 480x480.jpg

Karyn Bagri is a 2017 UBC graduate with previous science degree in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry from SFU. Her favourite movies of all time include the Lion King, the Harry Potter series, and Lord of the Rings.  She may have a story or two to tell about the Sasquatch music festival in Washington State.  

Resident Advisor:  Sarah Stabler

Near Peer Mentor: Nina Bredenkamp

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Vivien Cao - 480x480.jpg

Vivien Cao is a 2017 UBC graduate from Vancouver. She has also lived in Brussels. Her favorite movies include The Prestige, Lion King 3, and Les Intouchables. Her most memorable trip was photographing the Northern Lights at 3am in Yellowknife. Her favorite quote is "People will stop asking you questions if you answer back in interpretive dance." ~anonymous

Resident Advisor:  Zahra Kanji

Near Peer Mentor: Natalie Baclawska

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Joyce Chang - 480x480.jpg

Joyce Chang is a 2017 UBC Graduate from Langley. Her favorite movies include Spirited Away, Tangled and Zootopia. Her most memorable trip was participating in the IPSF Student Exchange Program to Taiwan. A little known fact about Joyce - she has a twin brother. Her passions include piano, skating, baking and eating dessert.

Resident Advisors: Tina Sekhon and Dale Toews

Near Peer Mentor: Timothy Lim

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Michelle Durand - 480x480 png.png

Michelle Durand is a 2017 UBC graduate from Okotoks, Alberta. Her most memorable trip is spending a month in Australia before starting pharmacy school. Her favorite place in the world is Disneyland and in the summer she enjoys slo-pitch, while in the winter she enjoys snowboarding

Resident Advisor: Karen Dahri

Near Peer Mentor: Carly Hoffman

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Julia Fan - 480x480.jpg

Julia Fan is 2016 UBC Graduate from Vancouver, and is currently a pharmacist at the Cumberland Health Care Centre on the island. Her most memorable trip was a solo backpacking trip through Central and Eastern Europe. She never says no to anything matcha or mango flavoured, and in her spare time, you can find her cooking, playing boardgames with friends and exploring different cultures.

Resident Advisor: Tamara Mihic

Near Peer Mentor: Tania Alia

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Ryan Fung - 480x480.jpg

Ryan Fung is a 2012 U of Sask graduate from Markham, Ontario. Ryan has also lived in Hamilton, ON; Saskatoon, SK; and Yellowknife, NT. His favorite movies include Robin Hood: Men in Tights, The Breakfast Club, and Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. His most memorable trip was a South American adventure exploring the Amazon rainforest, Machu Picchu and sandboarding

Pediatric Pod Chief Resident

Resident Advisor: Kendra Sih

Near Peer Mentor: Sandra Yin

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Nicole Giuno-Zorkin - 480x480.png

Nicole Giunio-Zorkin  is a 2017 U of T graduate from Victoria, BC. She has also lived in Montreal and Toronto. Her most memorable trip was participating as a member of the pharmacy team on a medical mission to Ghana. One thing you may not know about Nicole is that she is one-quarter Croatian.  

Resident Advisor:  Marianna Leung

Near Peer Mentor: Anna Yee

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Melissa Jassal - 480x480.jpg

Melissa Jassal is a 2017 UBC graduate originally from Winnipeg MB. Her favorite movies include Love Actually, Inception, and Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.  She can be found exploring new places to eat and blogging about her experience; and she reads articles from Daily Hive Vancouver. Her favourite quote is "Live is if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever." - Mahatma Gandhi

Resident Advisor: Rumi McGloin

Near Peer Mentor: Nate Paras

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Erika Jensen - 480x480.jpg

Erika Jensen is a 2017 UBC graduate originally from 100 Mile House but her hometown is Kamloops. Her favorite movies are "anything science fiction/fantasy" and her favorite trip was travelling to the UK to visit her little brother in Christmas 2013. In her spare time, you can find Erika knitting, quilting, reading or volunteering as a Sparks Leader for the Girl Guides

Resident Advisors: Brandi Newby and Roxane Carr

Near Peer Mentor: Iona Berger

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Lindsay Kufta - 480x480.jpg

Lindsay Kufta is a 2012 UBC graduate from West Vancouver.  She has been working as a community pharmacist in Hope BC. Her most memorable travel adventures were boating trips in Desolation Sound.  Lindsay can be found windsurfing, sailing, hiking, and enjoys a piece or two of chocolate with every meal (yes, even breakfast!). 

Resident Advisor:  Gloria Su

Near Peer Mentor: Matthew Lum

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Candy Lee - 480x480.jpg

Candy Lee is a 2014 UBC graduate and described as being charming, down-to-earth and optimistic. She enjoys travel and as a young child she spent a whole year in Hawaii and more recently she spent time in Quebec learning the language and enjoying the culture & cuisine! 

Resident Advisor: Ann-Marie Liberman

Near Peer Mentor: Kieran Shah

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Leo Leung - 480x480.jpg

Leo Leung is a native Vancouverite and a 2017 UBC graduate.  He's a big fan of loose leaf tea and his most memorable trip was going on exchange in Taiwan. You might want to ask him about the perfect Instagram filters for every picture opportunity.

Resident Advisor: Gabriel Loh

Near Peer Mentor: Nathan Kellock

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Rebecca Liang - 480x480.jpg

Rebecca Liang is a 2017 graduate from Dalhousie University and Charlottetown, PEI is her home. She is a foodie and her favourite activities include playing a game of badminton, going for walks and hikes. She has lived in many cities, including Halifax, Ottawa and in China. 

Resident Advisors:  Jennifer Haymond and Craig Roels

Near Peer Mentor: Iris Lau

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Yolanda Lin - 480x480.jpg

Yolanda Lin is a 2017 UBC graduate from Vancouver. She has also lived in Japan, Taiwan, and Kelowna BC. Her most memorable trip was going to Nepal for Habitats for Humanity. Yolanda can be found enjoying travel photos and cooking videos on Instagram, as well as playing basketball and going on hikes. Her favorite quote is "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take" - Wayne Gretzky 

Resident Advisor: Jennifer Kendrick

Near Peer Mentor: Donna Leung

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Adam Mah - 480x480.jpg

Adam Mah is a 2017 UBC graduate from Vancouver BC. His passion include singing, hiking and exploring new places to eat and drink. Adam's most memorable trip was going to St. Petersburg for a musical cultural exchange and he also sang as a part of the massed choir for the Vancouver 2010 Paralympic Games 

Resident Advisor: Michelle Hinch

Near Peer Mentor: Tanveer Brar

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Jasminder Mourh - 480x480.jpg

Jasminder Mourh is a 2017 UBC graduate from Surrey BC. Her most memorable trip is exploring the landscapes and culture of Hawaii. In her spare time, she enjoys travelling, trying new foods, cooking, art and watching the Vancouver Canucks.

Resident Advisor: Hilary Rowe

Near Peer Mentor: Joan Ng

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Karen Ng - 480x480.jpg

Karen Ng is a 2017 UBC Graduate from Richmond BC. Her favorite movies is The Dark Knight: The Prestige Inception. During her spare time, you'll find her on Facebook on her phone, and she may occassionally binge on McDonald's after a long day. Karen's most memorable trip was exploring the island of Oahu and enjoying the view from the peak of Diamond Head.

Resident Advisor: Nichoe Huan

Near Peer Mentor: Catherina Yih

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Sheliza Shivji - 480x480.jpg

Sheliza Shivji is a 2017 UBC graduate from Surrey BC. Her favorite movies are Despicable Me and Titanic. Her most memorable trip was to Africa when she was young. Described as caring, kind and sweet, she can be found indulging in music videos in her spare time. 

Resident Advisor: Herb Wong

Near Peer Mentor:  May Wu

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Willy Shum - 480x480.jpg

Will Shum is a 2008 UBC graduate from Vancouver. He has worked as a community pharmacist as well as a casual pharmacist at a few Fraser Health sites.  His most memorable trip was driving on the Road to Hana in Maui. He enjoys working with youth, playing hockey, and refinishing furniture in his spare time. 

Resident Advisor: Tim Lau

Near Peer Mentor: Danika Woodburn

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Priscilla Szeto - 480x480.jpg

Priscilla Shum is a 2009 UBC graduate who considers Vancouver her hometown but has also lived in Hong Kong. She has worked as a community pharmacist as well as a pharmacist at Peace Arch Hospital and Abbotsford Regional Hospital.  Described as caring, genuine, easy-going, she enjoys spending time with family and friends. Her favorite quote is "You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream." - Les Brown

Resident Advisor: Rumi McGloin

Near Peer Mentor: Claire Tai

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Shalini Singla - 480x480.jpg

Shalini Singla is a 2017 UBC graduate who considers Surrey BC as her hometown. Described as ambitious, determined and loyal, Shalini can be found checking out Instagram, or watching a Harry Potter marathon, or spending time with her niece. Her favorite quote is: "Happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light"-Dumbledore

Resident Advisor: Alison Alleyne

Near Peer Mentor: Julian Lee

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Jinglin Tang - 480x80.jpg

Jinglin Tang is a 2017 U of T graduate and calls Pullman, Washington home. She has lived in Tai'an in the Shandong province of China; Winnipeg, Guelph and Toronto in Canada. Described as down-to-earth, kind and happy, and her passions include camping, hiking, racket sports, and curling up with a fantasy book. 

Resident Advisors: Tim Lau and Jennifer Haymond

Near Peer Mentor: Kimberly Hilchie

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Elaine Tung - 480x480.jpg

Elaine Tung is a 2017 UBC grad with a previous science degree in Anatomy and Cell Biology.  She is from Vancouver but has also lived in Montreal, New Jersey and New York City.  Her most memorable trip was to White Sands, Mexico.  Her favourite books include 2666 by Roberto Bolano and The Mezzanine by Nicholson Baker. 

Resident Advisor:  Ann-Marie Liberman

Near Peer Mentor: Gary Kwan

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Jordan Torok - 480x480.jpg

Jordan Torok is a 2017 UBC graduate from Chilliwack. His most memorable trip is ATV-ing in Mexico.  He has spent many hours at the pool as he swam competitively at the national level during high school, has coached swimming and worked as a lifeguard.   

Resident Advisor: Vincent Mabasa

Near Peer Mentor: Mark Ho

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Erik van Amerongen - 480x480.jpg

Erik van Amerongen is a 2012 graduate from Pacific University and also has a previous Engineering degree.  He is currently a pharmacist at Surrey Memorial Hospital. He has lived in many different states including Washington, Oregon, Ohio, Idaho, California and Florida.  In his spare time, you can find Erik enjoying a good book and a binge-worthy series.  

Resident Advisor: Karen Shalansky

Near Peer Mentor: Alex Sykelyk

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Puneet Vashisht - 480x480.jpg

Puneet Vashisht is a 2017 UBC graduate from Vancouver. His favorite movies include the Harry Potter series, National Treasure and Shrek. His most memorable trip was travelling to rural parts of India to meet his extended family. Puneet's passions include spending time with family and friends and being a "HUGE Harry Potter fan"

Resident Advisor: Erica Wang

Near Peer Mentor: Donna Rahmatian

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Brendan Woods - 480x480.jpg

Brendan Woods is a 2017 UBC graduate originally from Lethbridge, Alberta. His passions include sports, and his favorite movies include Shrek and Top Gun. His favourite quote "It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities"   - JK Rowling

Adult Pod Chief Resident

Resident Advisor: Mike Legal

Near Peer Mentor: Julia Higgins

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Marco Yeung - 480x480.jpg

Marco Yeung is a 2011 UBC graduate and he is currently a staff pharmacist at the Surrey Memorial Hospital Neonatal/Pediatric Pharmacy. He has previously lived in the village of Ashcroft, which is in interior BC and has a population of around 1600, for 3 years when Ihe was working as a community pharmacist in the only pharmacy in the area

Resident Advisor: Tila Pelletier

Near Peer Mentor: Candice Leung

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Ruthdol Ywaya - 480x480.jpg

Ruthdol Ywaya is a 2017 UBC graduate who grew up in Nairobi, Kenya before moving to Canada. Her most memorable trip was actually coming to Canada for the first time; dressed in layers ready for snow and instead walked out into beautiful 20 degree Celsius weather. Described as charismatic, thoughtful and hilarious, she can be found enjoying spoken word poetry, singing, doing jazzercise and watching basketball. 

Resident Advisor: Krystin Boyce

Near Peer Mentor: Kiran Athwal

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