2018-19 ePortfolios

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AZIR, Ava - 480x480.jpg

Ava Azhir is a 2018 UBC grad.  She is described as kind, enthusiastic, and generous, and loves landscape photograhy. When she was a little, Ava wanted to become a pilot. While she calls North Vancouver home now, she has lived in Melbourne and Edmonton.  

Resident Advisor:  Zahra Kanji

Near Peer Mentor: Tanveer Brar

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BAKKER, Mattie - 480x480.jpg

Mattie Bakker is a 2018 UBC grad.  She calls Powell River her hometown, and has travelled to Mexico and Tofino. Thoughtful, witty and ambitious, Mattie can often by found perusing Pinterest and watching Youtube videos.

An LMPS Chief Resident

Resident Advisor:  Roxane Carr

Near Peer Mentor: Shelby Wong

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BUTCHER, Kate - 480x480.jpg

Kate Butcher is a 2018 UBC grad.  Her passions include trail running, rock climbing and yoga. Her most memorable trip was to Komodo Island in Indonesia where she was greeted by 7 Komodo dragons after a 4 day boat ride to get there!  Her favourite movies include Jurassic Park, Planet Earth II and Hidden Figures.

Resident Advisor:  Gabriel Loh

Near Peer Mentor:  Marco Yeung

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CASOL, Marina - 480x480.jpg

Marina Casol is a 2017 UBC grad.  She has worked at RCH this past year.  She is described as loyal, driven and outgoing. Her most memorable trip was to Spain, Italy and France after graduation. In her spare time, you can find Marina playing Wordscapes on her phone and playing sports.

Resident Advisor:  Charles Au

Near Peer Mentor:  Shermaine Ngo

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CHAUDHARI, Ishan - 480x480.jpg

Ishan Chaudhari is a 2018 UBC grad.  He has lived in Montreal, Richmond and Victoria. He can speak French fluently.  His passions include snowboarding, and reading.   His friends would describe him as Funny; Not funny at all; Tall.  

Resident Advisor:  Rumi McGloin

Near Peer Mentor: Kiran Athwal

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CHEN, Anna - 480x480.jpg

Anna Chen is a 2018 UBC grad.  Her friends might describe her as dedicated, caffeinated and hangry. Her hobbies include Netflix, hiking, yoga and trying new foods around the city. Her favorite movies include the Dark Knight, 500 Days of Summer and The Pursuit of Happyness

Resident Advisor:  Gloria Su

Near Peer Mentor: Shalini Singla

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DRIVER, Amanda - 480x480.jpg

Amanda Driver is a 2018 UBC grad and calls Calgary her hometown. Her favourite movies include The Pursuit of Happiness, Remembering the Titans and The Social Network. Her most memorable trip was a week long sailing trip in Norway.

Resident Advisor:  Tila Pelletier

Near Peer Mentor:  Stephanie Garland

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FERRE, Andrea - 480x480.jpg

Andrea Feere is a 2018 UBC grad.  She is described as loyal, strong and funny. Her hometown is in Cranbrook, and her most memorable trip is spending the last weekend of the summer before 4th year in a cabin on the Shuswap. In her spare time, you can find Andrea catching up with her friends over 2 scoops in a fresh waffle cone.

Resident Advisor:  Mike Kammermayer

Near Peer Mentor: Elaine Tung

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GNYRA, Michelle - 480x480.jpg

Michelle Gnyra is a 2018 UBC grad and has a previous BSc degree.  She calls Calgary BC her home, but has also lived in Sherbrooke, and Canmore. Her most memorable trip was a hiking trip in the Yukon where she hiked 6km in -22 degree weather. One thing you may not know about Michelle is that her first language is French

Resident Advisors: Marianna Leung

Near Peer Mentor: Julie Higgins

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HAAG, Hans - 480x480.jpg

Hans Haag is a 2018 UBC grad and has a previous BSc degree.  He is described as inquisitive, practical and witty. His most memorable trip was one where he traveled around Germany by train. He once had a summer internship in an astrobiology lab at the German Aerospace Centre in Cologne.  In his free time he enjoys purusing Reddit, Twitch and playing video games.

Resident Advisor:  Tim Lau

Near Peer Mentor:  Leo Leung

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HAGG, Lianne - 480x480.jpg

Lianne Hagg is a 2018 UBC grad.  She loves travelling and trying new foods. She has lived in both the United States and Canada. Her most memorable trip was travelling to Kansas City for a IPSF Exchange.  One of her favourite movies is Breakfast at Tiffany's. 

Resident Advisor: Kendra Sih 

Near Peer Mentor: Erika Jensen

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HO, Jordan - 480x480.jpg

Jordan Ho is a 2017 UBC grad and has worked in community practice.  He is from Vancouver, and has traveled to Rome, Venice, Switzerland and Germany. His passions include ultimate frisbee, musicals, movies and board games. One fun fact about Jordan is that he knows the lyrics to almost every Disney song

Resident Advisor:  Ann-Marie Liberman

Near Peer Mentor:  Tim Lim

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HO, Julia - 480x480.jpg

Julia (Wan) Ho is a 2018 UBC grad and has a previous BSc degree.   She is from the Lower Mainland and is described as kind, cheerful, and adventurous. She enjoys wandering into forests, mountains and exploring new places. Her favourite movies include Breakfast at Tiffany's and A Beautiful Mind.

Resident Advisor:  Marianna Leung

Near Peer Mentor: Anna Yee

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LAU, Anthony - 480x480.jpg

Anthony Lau is 2015 UBC grad and has worked as a Grdae 1 pharmacist at SMH.  He is described as friendly, genuine and hard-working. His most memorable trip was travelling to Japan and exploring the culture, history, traditions, cuisine and lifestyle. His passions include hockey, hiking and Netflix. In his spare time, you can find Anthony on Instagram or DailyHive, brushing up on all the latest happenings.

Resident Advisor:  Tamara Mihic

Near Peer Mentor: Nicole Giunio-Zorkin

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LAU, Louise - 480x480.jpg

Louise Lau is a 2018 UBC grad and has a previous BSc degree.  She is described as adventurous, persistent, and honest.  She enjoys yoga, hiking and trying out new restaurants.  Her most memorable trip was to Paris with her high school tourism class. 

Resident Advisor:  Nichoe Huan

Near Peer Mentor: Jinglin Tang

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LEE, Valerie - 480x480.jpg

Valerie (Yunji) Lee is a 2018 UBC grad and has a previous BSc degree.  Valerie has lived in Vancouver and Seoul.  She loves dancing, napping, enjoying good food and comedy with friends. When she is on her phone, she can be found looking at endless pictures of food. 

Resident Advisor:  Erica Wang

Near Peer Mentor: Julia Fan

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MARTINSON, Geoffrey - 480x480.jpg

Geoffrey Martinson is a 2018 UBC grad and he has a previous BSc degree.  He is originally from Prince George, although he has also lived in Arizona, Belgium and Germany. His most memorable trip was competing in the World Track & Field Championships in 2011 in Korea. When Geoff is on the phone, he is most likely not looking at anything at all, because he maintains he is devoted to the good ol' phone call!

A BC Chief Resident for CSHP BC Branch

Resident Advisor: Karen Dahri

Near Peer Mentor: Alex Sykelyk

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NGUYEN, Olivia - 480x480.jpg

Olivia Nguyen is a 2018 UBC grad and she has a previous BSc degree.  Olivia is described as creative, thoughtful and driven, and calls New Westminster her hometown. Her favorite movies are Finding Nemo, Inception and Lord of the Rings. In summer 2017, she travelled to Spain and France where she spent her time soaking up the sun and culture.  

Resident Advisor: Jennifer Kendrick

Near Peer Mentor:  Lisa Yip

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ROZKA, Laura - 480x480.jpg

Laura Rozka is a 2018 UBC grad.  She is from Vernon BC, and grew up in Vegreville, Alberta. Laura leads a healthy lifestyle and regularly plays volleyball, yoga and cycles. When she is indoors, you can find Laura cooking, listening to music and entertaining friends on the piano.

An LMPS Chief Resident

Resident Advisor:  Michelle Hinch

Near Peer Mentor: Natalie Baclawska

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SHARAF, Mazen - 480x480.jpg

Mazen Sharaf  is a 2018 grad from Dalhousie University.  Mazen is described as reliable, ambitious and compassionate. Originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia, He has traveled to many places, including Switzerland, Egypt, and the Middle East. His most memorable trip was to Egypt where he rode horses around the pyramids.

Resident Advisor:  Ruth Tsang

Near Peer Mentor: Julianna Fang

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SIDDIQUI, Mariam - 480x480.jpg

Mariam Siddiqui is a 2018 UBC grad.  She has lived in Montreal and in Pakistan and currently calls Delta home. She enjoys writing short stories, playing with her 4 parrots, and fighting for social justice. Her most memorable trip was her first solo trip to Tokyo, Japan in 2015.

Resident Advisor:  Rochelle Gellatly

Near Peer Mentor:  Nina Bredenkamp

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SONG, Stephanie - 480x480.jpg

Stephanie Song is a 2018 UBC grad.  She is described as friendly, outgoing and adventurous.  She enjoys playing ultimate frisbee.  Her most memorable trip was travelling solo across Canada on the train, and her favorite movies are 21 Jump Street, Inception, and Beauty and the Beast.  

An LMPS Chief Resident 

Resident Advisor:  Yvonne Huang

Near Peer Mentor:  Sheliza Shivji

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SU, Shirley - 480x480.jpg

Shirley Su is a 2018 U of A grad.  She considers Edmonton to be her home town, although she has also lived in Hebei, China. Her most memorable trip was to Machu Picchu in Peru.   Shirley enjoys hiking, snowboarding and camping.  A fun fact:  she once ate a live sea urchin. 

Resident Advisor:  Craig Roels

Near Peer Mentor: Rebecca Liang

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TRESS, Kaitlyn - 480x480.jpg

Kaitlyn Tress is a 2018 U of S grad.  She is described as enthusiastic, outgoing and a huge Harry Potter fan. She claims that all 8 movies are tied for first place as her favs. For Canada's 150th, Kaitlyn celebrated by travelling to every province and territory in our beautiful country. Kaitlyn likes to spend time playing volleyball and to journal.   Hello e-portfolio ... meet Kaitlyn! 

Resident Advisor:  Jennifer Haymond

Near Peer Mentor:  Grant Gill

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WANG, Jenny - 480x480.jpg

Jenny Wang is a 2018 UBC grad.  She is described as an easygoing, thoughtful and kind person. She enjoys baking, searching for new places to eat, and her favorite movies are Harry Potter, and Lord of the Rings

Resident Advisor:  Herb Wong

Near Peer Mentor:  Gordon Fan

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WONG, Daniel - 480x480.jpg

Daniel Wong is a 2018 UBC grad.  He is a native of Vancouver, and is passionate about dragonboating, the Maple Leafs and Disney. Daniel's previous trip to Japan left him in withdrawal from ramen, sushi and matcha soft serve ingestion.  His favorite past time online is reading Reddit threads. 

Resident Advisor:  Michelle Hinch

Near Peer Mentor: Adam Mah

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