Onboarding Process

For questions, please contact Avena Guppy (Administrative Assistant) or Dr. Sue Corrigan (Year 1 Program Coordinator) or Year 2 Program Coordinators.

The below guide outlines the required documentation and processes incoming residents are required to complete prior to the start of their programs.

Once the RMS matches are released in mid-January, applicants will receive a letter of offer via e-mail from the Program Coordinator.   Incoming residents will be asked to provide their necessary personal details which will then be forwarded to our Human Resources department.  Shortly thereafter, the optional Residency Training Agreements (RTA) will be forwarded to you for consideration.  Once your RTA has been received (please advise us immediately if you elect not to engage in the RTA), you will then be required to apply online for your residency position (not to worry - this is only a formality and your position is secure).  Once this is completed, an official offer letter and hiring package will then be mailed to each resident for completion.

human resources forms/information

  1. Signed Residency Training Agreement (RTA) - if you elect to engage in the RTA, please select which training agreement you prefer, sign the copy and mail directly back to the Administrative Assistant immediately on receipt.

  2. Signed copy of your Offer Letter - please sign as soon as you receive this and mail directly back to the Administrative Assistant immediately on receipt.

  3. Photo ID - The Administrative Assistant will be processing a bulk request for all photo IDs prior to the start of the program in April for the Year 1 program and June for the Year 2 program. For identification purposes, your photo ID must be worn/visible at all times and serves as a set of "keys" that will provide you access to the secure areas of our sites.

    The Photo ID is used to access rotation sites within the Lower Mainland Health Authorities. The Photo ID will allow you to access Lower Mainland Pharmacy Services locations and some other restricted entry areas. As a Fraser Health Authority (FHA) Employee, you MUST obtain a FHA Photo ID. For Surrey Memorial Hospital and Jim Pattison Outpatient Care & Surgery Centre rotations, you MUST obtain a SmartCard Photo ID as it will allow access to Thin Clients. Please note you only need ONE photo ID.

    Additional site access needed during the program
    We have requested access to the various sites based on your schedule to begin the program.  As many things change over the course of the year; you may find you need additional access to a site that was not previously known (eg.  a locked nursing unit at a hospital that requires ID badge swipe access).  When this occurs- you are responsible to go to: 

    Replacement Photo ID and/or Additional Access Request on-line form found at:  http://fhworkspaces/sites/PhotoIDAccessRequest/Lists/PIDMultipleRequests/NewForm.aspx?RootFolder=

    You can also contact the Photo ID office: lmcpid@fraserhealth.ca

    Call 604-930-5442 during business hours Monday to Friday 8-4

  4. Ensure your vaccines are up to date. Please contact the occupational health nurse (OHN) at 1-866-922-9464 after June 3rd. The OHN will ask you a series of questions, so please have your vaccination record with you in advance. (Note: UBC students may request a copy of their vaccination history which was submitted for entry to the E2P program from the UBC Pharmacy front desk). The OHN will provide you with a list of clinic sites and dates to complete your vaccination updates should this be required. Please ensure all of your vaccinations are up to date prior to the start of your residency program.

  5. Ensure that you hold current registration and license with the College of Pharmacists of British Columbia (for both in-province and out-of-province residents). For more information, please visit the College website and review the information in the Licensure/Liability section of the Resident Manual. Once you have received your BC College license number, please immediately forward this directly to the Program Coordinator.

The below documents to be completed and mailed back using the provided envelope in your hiring package to the Fraser Health On-Boarding Team in Surrey.  For any questions related to the below forms, please call the On-Boarding Representative at 604-953-5122 ext. 769539.

Please fill out the forms that are mailed to you. A checklist of all required documentation will also be included in your hiring package.

Please complete and return all forms immediately on receipt.

  1. Direct Deposit Form - with attached void cheque or void cheque equivalent from your bank

  2. Employee Information Sheet - for recent graduates, you may write "pending" for your pharmacy license number

  3. Confidentiality Acknowledgement

    • Fraser Health Authority

    • Providence Health Care

    • Provincial Health Services Authority

    • Vancouver Coastal Health

  4. TD1/TD1BC - please note that if you have elected to sign one of the Residency Training Agreements, the tuition and book cost is $0

  5. Municipal Pension Plan (MPP) Employee Declaration

  6. Group Life Appointment of Beneficiary

  7. Medical Services Plan (MSP) Application Form - please note that if you have a BC Care Card, then you are already enrolled in the MSP. Please attach proof of Canadian citizenship such as a copy of your passport or birth certificate.

  8. Pacific Blue Cross (PBC) Application Form

  9. Voluntary Aboriginal Self-Identification - please leave blank if not applicable

Accessing your Fraser Health Email Remotely

We will send you your username and password. 

Please go to the website: https://owa.fraserhealth.ca

Enter SFHR\enter your assigned FHA username.  

Electronic documents to be e-mailed back to the Administrative Assistant prior to June 5th for Year 1 program and August 31st for Year 2 program:

  1. Certificate from Learning Hub demonstrating completion of the Fraser Health New Employee Orientation. Please download and forward the completion certificate which becomes available under the Training History section on the Learning Hub after the completion of your course.

  2. Confirmation that N95 mask fitting has been completed - please include your most recent mask fitting. This can be arranged when you start your rotations - please find a mask fitting date and location and have this done as soon as possible.

Documents to be completed and returned to the Administrative Assistant during Program Week 1:

  1. New Employee Orientation Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Checklist - this may be completed at any of your rotation sites. If possible, please contact the site's pharmacy department in advance to arrange an orientation. If you are unable to complete this during Program Orientation, you may do so during your first scheduled rotation. Please just ensure the completed checklist is returned to the Administrative Assistant within 1 month of your program start date.

  2. Criminal Record Check - a registration requirement for BC College of Pharmacists and employment with Fraser Health. This is completed when you register with the College.

Resident Manual

All incoming LMPS residents are expected and required to read through the entire Resident Manual prior to the start of their programs.  A few key tasks to complete prior to the start of your rotations include:

  1. Email - once you receive your health authority e-mail address, you will be able to access your email remotely via the owa.fraserhealth.ca remote desktop from your phone or personal computer.

  2. Parking - if you intend to drive to your rotations, please complete and submit the required forms to access staff parking privileges.

  3. UBC Card - please ensure that you have an active UBC Card prior to the start of your program to ensure you have UBC Library access during your rotations.

  4. Dress Code - please review the required dress code for all Fraser Health employees

  5. Privacy Policy - please review all privacy and confidentiality policies

  6. Social Media Policy - please review all social media policies

New Employee Orientation COURSE (LEARNING HUB)

The below modules are required to be completed by all incoming residents prior to the start of their programs.  Please go to learninghub.phsa.ca to get started.

  1. Fraser Health New Employee Orientation (Online) - Search for this course name in the search field. Expected completion time = 4 hours. If you are a current LMPS employee (i.e. working as a Grade 1 pharmacist) and have previously completed this module, you do not need to re-complete.

  2. Provincial Violence Prevention for Medium and High Risk Deparments (8 Modules) - completion of all 8 modules are required of all LMPS residents. Expected completion time = 4 hours.

  3. PHC PCIS 150G (Physicians) SCM Basics Online -** only for residents with rotations at SPH **(please search for this course name on Learning Hub) - you must also complete this online training course for the computer system used at SPH (Sunrise Clinical Manager) in order to get computer access.

  4. Provincial Hand Hygiene Basics - PICNet - Please complete this short module to learn about the important role of hand hygiene in preventing infections; as well as when and how to properly clean your hands.

Information Systems

LMPS residents will have the opportunity to complete rotations across all four of our health authorities.  Please review the below guides and visit our Information Systems and Electronic Health Records pages for further guidance.

Vancouver Coastal Health/Providence Health Care

Fraser Health

The below documents are to completed and returned to the Administrative Assistant or as specifically directed on the required form as soon as possible and no later than May 15th.


  1. Undertaking of Confidentiality and Acknowledgement of Disclaimer by Authorized Person for Hospital Access to PharmaNet - please sign this form in the presence of a non-family witness

Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH)/Providence Health Care (PHC)

  1. VCH-PHC-PHSA PCIS Terms of Use Agreement

Fraser Health

Your MediTech and MediNet access will be requested for you by the Administrative Assistant.

Provincial Health Services Authority

BC Children's and Women's Hospital administration will contact you directly for the completion of any required forms.