Chief Resident

Lmps chief residents

During Program Orientation Week (or first program week), residents from the AdultPod and PedsPod will each appoint via whatever process they choose a Chief Resident for their pod.  This role is distinct from the BC-wide Chief Resident who is elected via a separate process, although one resident could hold both positions.

Expectations of the LMPS Chief Residents

  • Participate in the Residency Advisory Council process, as described in the RAC Terms of Reference

  • Represent residents’ views to the Program Coordinator when this is deemed the most appropriate mechanism to do so

  • Upon request of the Program Coordinator, collate opinions or information from their pod’s residents, or communicate information to them when this is deemed the most appropriate mechanism to do so

  • Serve as a resource to residents who request support

  • Coordinate a “meet and greet” event of some sort during the transition between exiting residents and incoming residents (usually in mid-June)

  • Coordinate selection by residents of the New Preceptor of the Year and Veteran Preceptor of the Year awards, notifying the Program Coordinator on or before last day of residency

  • Take responsibility for ensuring audiovisual and teleconference equipment set-up for ADS sessions and project presentations in August/September and May

  • Other duties as deemed appropriate by the Program Coordinator or their pod’s residents

BC Chief Resident(s)

Selected by all BC residents usually in July during the Summer Didactic Sessions.