Information Systems

Comprised of four individual health authorities, there are multiple information systems (IS) and technologies across LMPS. 

Residents are subject to all VCH/PHC/FH/PHSA information systems and privacy and confidentiality policies.  Please review the following documents to ensure that you understand the various social media/privacy policies set out by each health authority.

In the months prior to the start of your residency, access to these various systems is organized by the Program Administrative Assistant.  Various forms, etc will require your completion and signature and will be sent to you via e-mail in April/May.  Please complete and promptly return these as required. More information is available from the Onboarding Process page. 

Once your accounts have been organized, please see your one45 eDossier for your log-in/access information.  This will be located in the “custom fields” section under your “Personal Info” tab. 


During Program Orientation week, an overview of the various clinical systems will be provided.  During this first week, residents are responsible for testing and ensuring that they are able to log in and access the various information systems prior to the start of their rotations.


Residents will receive a health authority e-mail account at the start of their programs.  For all residency-related communications, only the residents’, or address are to be used.  All other e-mail addresses (e.g.: Interchange, Hotmail/Outlook, Gmail, UBC Alumni etc.) are NOT to be used for residency-related communications.

IMIS Help Desk

Any problems with hospital information systems access (NOT one45) should be directed to the appropriate Help Desk. 

Please see the LMPS Information Service Desks Guide for contact information and numbers. 

For any issues with one45, please contact the Program Administrative Assistant

Online/Handheld References & Resources

INTRAnet Sites  
Login using your Fraser Health credentials
Login using your VCH credentials.

INTERnet Sites
Login information to the Staff Resources will be provided during your VGH Site Orientation

LexiComp, Micromedex, UpToDate, and RxFiles are just a few of the resources available online and via a mobile app. Access to some databases will require you to log into a computer onsite prior to becoming available for use.

Connecting Your Smartphone to the Hospital Network

You may choose to have your personal iPhone or BlackBerry connected to your health authority email and calendar.  Keep in mind that doing so may cause you to consume significantly more data than you otherwise would, so please consider whether your plan can accommodate this.  Information on how to do this can be found on the Fraser Health intranet or by contacting the relevant Help Desk. The following documents will assist you in setting up your smartphone for access, these documents are also available on the Fraser Health intranet.