Leave, Statutory Holidays, Vacation, etc. 

Sick Days

On an unplanned sick day, AS SOON AS POSSIBLE and preferably BEFORE the business day begins, residents are required to:

  1. Immediately contact their current rotation preceptor and Program Coordinator to advise them of their absence.

  2. Call the Employee Absence Reporting Line (EARL) at 604-605 EARL or 1-877-FHA-EARL to report their absence. Residents will be asked to enter their Fraser Health employee number and identify the number of days they will be away. Their call will then be transferred to the Program Administrative Assistant to verbally communicate details of the absence. Residents must call EARL as soon as possible after communicating their absence to their preceptor and Program Coordinator.

Per the BC Program Standards, if the resident requires sick leave for two or more consecutive days, a physician’s note certifying the illness shall be required.  All sick days/leaves are tracked in one45 and monitored by the Program Coordinator.  Anticipated sick days (e.g.: for scheduled procedures) differ only in that advance notice of the resident's absence is expected as soon as the day(s) are known. 

LMPS residents are entitled to 10 sick days during their residency.  The Program Coordinator is responsible, in consultation with rotation preceptors, for making judgments about whether days lost to illness must be made up and how this is to occur.  This must necessarily take into account the timing of the absence, its duration, its actual/potential impact on fulfillment of the program requirements, and other circumstance-dependent factors.

Other Leaves of Absence

Please consult the BC Program Standards for more information about these.  Any program extensions are granted at the discretion of the Program Coordinator and Director.  As this is a one-year, full-time academic program, breaks in training for any reason shall not exceed a total of 45 working days.  Gradual return to work or part-time programs are not applicable due to the rigid time frame for completing the residency program.  

Conference Leave

In the past, residents have received financial support from the department for conference leave, but since mid-2010, such funds have been frozen for all pharmacy staff.   Residents are encouraged to attend local CSHP events, PPC, CSHP Banff Seminar, or other events of interest.  Financial support from the department however, is unavailable at this time.  Requests for conference leave should be discussed with the Program Coordinator well in advance as time off is dependent on the timing of the event in light of the residents’ schedule.  

Project Days

Residents are expected to be working on meaningful project-related activity during these days.  Residents are expected to work wherever the project preceptor advises.  If no advice is given, residents may work wherever is most productive and efficient for them.  However, during all working hours, residents must still be readily available by pager and be working within proximity to return to the work site if required by their project preceptor(s) or Program Coordinator.  If no project-related activity is possible, residents are expected to complete other meaningful residency-related work.  Under no circumstances are Project days to be considered “days off” or vacation days. 

Vacation Days

Naturally, this is time to relax, rejuvenate, and nourish the body and soul.  Residents are encouraged to make the most of these days to maintain their physical and mental health, which is known to enhance learning and success in the residency program.  Maintaining balance is key so do ensure you schedule in that much needed down time.

Statutory Holidays

These should be treated as VACATION days, unless otherwise advised by rotation preceptor.  It is possible that a good reason for a resident to be accessible by pager for a patient-care/learning-related reason on a statutory holiday may arise, and residents are asked to be receptive to requests such as these from preceptors.  On the other hand, preceptors are not to ask residents to provide clinical service in lieu of the preceptor on such days.  If any conflict between preceptor and residents’ expectations should arise regarding this, please contact the Program Coordinator immediately to discuss.