Licensure Status

Prior to the start of the residency program, it is expected that incoming residents will have completed all required exams to be eligible for registration and licensure with the College of Pharmacists of British Columbia.  All residents are expected to obtain a license to practice pharmacy in BC as soon as they are eligible to so do.  

If you already have an active license to practice pharmacy in BC, please provide your licence number to the Program Coordinator.  If you are in the process of applying, please provide the anticipated date on which you expect to receive license and forward this number to the Program Coordinator and Program Administrative Assistant as soon as received. 

professional liability insurance

The provincial Health Care Protection Program provides coverage to all employed FH pharmacists (including pharmacy residents).   Please see the 2014 Employed Professionals Coverage Letter for further details. 

LMPS has confirmed that this insurance meets the criteria for “personal professional liability insurance (minimum $2 million)” mentioned in BC’s Professional Practice Policy #58 (PPP-58) – Medication Management (Adapting a Prescription) as outlined in the November 2008 College Council resolution [updated 16 Dec 2008]

Questions about this coverage should be directed to your Human Resources advisor.

CSHP offers additional malpractice insurance for purchase.

BCPhA membership includes malpractice insurance.

Each resident should make a personal determination about whether they wish to acquire additional professional liability insurance.