Oral Assessment

All LMPS residents will complete an interim and a final comprehensive oral assessment during their residency.  Per the BC Program Standards, successfully completion of the oral assessment is a mandatory requirement for program completion.

The oral assessment is designed to evaluate the resident's ability to systematically review a patient case, create a comprehensive pharmacy care plan and present and defend their findings and recommendations to a panel of evaluators.  Residents are evaluated on a pass/fail basis and will have a maximum of 3 opportunities within the residency year to pass the final oral assessment. 

Please review the information contained in the BC Residency Oral Assessment Guide and the Appendix A Comprehensive Oral Assessment Evaluation Form.  

Oral assessments may be conducted anytime after the resident has completed their general medicine (Adult Pod) or general pediatrics (Peds Pod) rotation.  The Program Coordinator will find a mutually suitable time frame to request a date/time for the resident and the evaluators to conduct the oral assessment.  

An interim oral assessment will be completed in the fall (this is a feedback mechanism only and does not count as the official final oral comprehensive assessment).  

All initial attempts on the final oral assessment must be scheduled before the end of February of the residency year.

Important Information:

  • The oral assessment will be completed by February or March at the latest. This will allow for the identification of knowledge- or process-related issues the residents can then focus on during the balance of the residency year.

  • Residents are not permitted to “troll” patient units from which their oral assessment patient may be drawn in hopes of pre-identifying and working up the patient.

  • Residents are not to discuss potential patients or receive work-up sheets from clinical pharmacists in areas from which their oral assessment patient may be drawn.

  • Identification that any of the above have occurred may result in the requirement of an additional oral assessment from the resident.