Oral Presentations

Residents will deliver several oral presentations during the residency year.  Most of these will be in the form of patient case presentations, but will also include journal clubs, staff insevices and a BC Wide Case Presentation. The number and timing of presentations will be determined by the residents’ Procedure Log requirements and their rotation preceptors.  

Please review this AJHP article on how to deliver an effective presentation.

All residents are required to use the LMPS PowerPoint template for all residency presentations.  

Sample case presentations to help you think about the structure: 

Evaluation Procedure

Residents are required to seek feedback on their presentations, and preceptors are expected to provide it. 

  1. When a resident becomes aware of an upcoming presentation, the resident accesses their eDossier in one45 and clicks on the below and selects to send the “Faculty Evaluation of Resident Oral Presentation” to the appropriate preceptor(s).


    If this link is not present, the resident or preceptor can request via email that the Program Administrative Assistant send a "Faculty Evaluation of Resident Oral Presentation" form to the preceptor via one45. This request must include the name of the preceptor, the rotation, and the date of the presentation.

  1. Immediately following the presentation, the resident and preceptor should discuss the presentation in light of the evaluation parameters.

  2. RESIDENT TASKS to be completed as soon as possible following the presentation:
    • The resident reflects in their ePortfolio about the presentation, the evaluation, and on their own learning objectives for the presentation.
    • The resident posts a PDF copy of their presentation materials (slides, handout, etc) to their ePortfolio entry
    • If the evaluation form was NOT completed in one45, the resident posts the evaluation form (scanned or PDF) to their ePortfolio entry
    • The resident completes a Procedure Log for the presentation

Faculty Evaluation of Resident Oral Presentation


Journal club

Some rotations will require the resident to present at journal club.  The evaluation procedure is the same as the above with the exception that when a resident becomes aware of an upcoming presentation, the resident selects to send the “Faculty Evaluation of Journal Club Presentation” to the appropriate preceptor(s).  Steps 1 through 3 of the Evaluation Procedure are to be completed as listed above.  

Faculty Evaluation of Resident Journal Club Presentation


How to Present a Journal Club Article

See resources under Objective 12 here.

NERDCAT - Founded by Ricky Turgeon, one of our past LMPS residents, NERDCAT is a website to support clinicians in conducting evidence appraisals and apply those to evidence-based medicine (EBM). NERDCAT presents foundational and advanced critical appraisal concepts and tools beyond the basics covered in undergraduate education.

inservice presentation

Some rotations will require the resident to present focused teaching topic or therapeutic updates to various clinical audiences: nursing staff/nursing students, medical residents/students, pharmacy technicians, dietitians, occupational therapists, social workers or physiotherapists to name a few. These presentations offer a unique learning opportunity for the pharmacy resident to tailor a presentation to an audience different than fellow pharmacists who may have different learning objectives. The resident’s preceptor should seek feedback from the audience to help the resident learn from the presentation delivery.

Faculty Evaluation of a Resident Inservice Presentation


BC Wide Case Presentation

Per the BC Program Standards, one case presentation will be delivered to all the BC residents and members of the BC Pharmacy Practice Residency Programs Committee (PPRPC).  These occur between October and May and in-person attendance is mandatory for all LMPS residents.  Presentations are 20 minutes, followed by a 10 minute question period.  This presentation may or may not be one that the resident has already presented locally.  The date of each resident’s presentation is reflected in their one45 “My Calendar”.

To prepare for this presentation, please review the Faculty Evaluation of BC Wide Case Presentation to see which domains are evaluated and the expectations for each domain.  

Per CPRB Accreditation Standards, residents must document personal reflections in their one45 Self-Assessment for each oral presentation they deliver during the program, including the BC Wide case presentation and journal club presentations.  The presentation handouts should be uploaded to their e-portfolios. These reflections should include what the resident thought went well and what they would like to try differently on the next presentation.