Prior Credit for Learning

If I already have some experience or partially completed another program, can I apply that credit toward my lmps residency program?

Credit is generally not granted for prior learning outside of an CPRB-accredited residency program.

If successful applicants to the program have worked as a pharmacist in a hospital pharmacy dispensary for at least 1 month full-time in the 6 months preceding residency commencement and are able to provide documentation that the related CPRB competencies have been previously met, please contact the Program Coordinator immediately after acceptance into the residency program.  If scheduling permits, the required distribution rotation may be replaced by a direct patient care rotation. 

Successful applicants who have completed learning objectives or rotations within a CPRB-accredited residency program within the past 24 months of their program start date may request prior credit for learning.  The Program Coordinator will evaluate the request within the scope of CPRB Standard 2.2.1 R(5).