Procedure Logs

One45-based Procedure Logs complement one45 evaluations and residents’ ePortfolios as tools for documentation of learning and competency in the LMPS Pharmacy Practice Residency Program.

Bobby Taylor, inaugural recipient of the Golden Log Award, 2010

Bobby Taylor, inaugural recipient of the Golden Log Award, 2010

The panel of Procedures to be completed by residents is selectively drawn from the current CPRB competency-based Standards to capture items which are suited for treatment as a discreet procedural activity.  These procedures are explicitly linked to the relevant CPRB Standard.

LMPS Year 1 Procedure Logs


As a condition of program completion, residents will complete all assigned Procedure Log items within the time frame of the residency program year

Resident Responsibilities

  • Each completed procedure must be recorded and documented via one45

  • Residents will be continuously aware of which procedures they have completed and which ones remain outstanding

  • Residents will seek opportunities to perform procedures during all applicable components of their program

  • Residents will share with preceptors at the outset of each rotation which procedures they have not yet completed and discuss the potential for their completion during the rotation

  • Residents will document in their one45 profile the reflections for completed procedures

  • Where the correct preceptor is not listed in the Procedure Log for a particular procedure (or where there is no specific relevant preceptor), residents will choose the Program Coordinator the preceptor

  • The DEADLINE for completion of ALL required procedure logs is the resident's last residency program day

Preceptor Responsibilities

  • When overseeing or discussing a procedure performed by a resident, the preceptor will provide feedback to the resident about what was done

  • When prompted by one45, preceptors will “Submit”, with relevant feedback, Procedure Log Feedback messages in one45 to complete the documentation cycle

how to enter a completed procedure log item

1. Click "Pt/Procedure Logs" in the one45 sidebar

  1. Click "Create new log entry" and the following screen will appear for you to enter your procedure log
  1. When you hit "Search under Procedure, the following list will be displayed for you to pick from. The "C" and "R" refer to CPRB Competencies and Requirements.
  1. Once you have completed your entry, hit "Submit". Please ensure you identify which rotation and preceptor under which you completed your procedure log. As mentioned above, if your procedure log is not attached to a particular rotation, please select your Coordinator as the preceptor.
  2. Residents can view which procedures they need to do (and how many times) and ones which they've completed by clicking on the Expectations Summary and generating a summary report.

... to produce the following view


Residents or Preceptors who have suggestions regarding the panel of required procedures or related issues should direct them to the Program Coordinator.