Resident Progress Meetings

1:1 meetings with the PROgram coordinator

At the start of their program and at regular intervals throughout the year, residents will meet individually with the Program Coordinator.  The role of the Program Coordinator is to provide any support or guidance the resident might need to successfully complete their program. 

The Program Administrative Assistant will schedule these meetings and send out corresponding calendar invites on behalf of the Program Coordinator.   The Program Coordinator will travel to the resident's current site to minimize their time away from the rotation.  Residents are responsible for being on time for these meetings. 

The agenda for each meeting includes updates on progress, reviews of rotation assessments & procedure logs, review of ePortfolio, short- and long-term goals, project status report, academic day preparation status, BC Wide Case presentation status, a discussion of the Cohen-Perceived Stress Score (as completed by the resident), any challenges faced, general questions and needs for support of the resident.  These meetings are also an opportunity for 2-way feedback for both the resident and Program Coordinator.