Resident Workplace Safety

As FH employees, residents are required by provincial legislation, WorkSafeBC regulations, and VCH, PHC, PHSA, and FH policies (depending on site of activity at any given time) to be familiar with the relevant policies and resources.

Because LMPS residents work in a wide variety of settings across many facilities, conventional orientation to all procedures at all sites is not practicable.  However, the resources below must be reviewed by residents, with any questions directed to the Program Coordinator. 

Fraser Health Workplace Health & Safety

Provincial Workplace Health Call Center 1-866-922-9464: call about ANY safety-related issue or incident or exposure (including violence in the workplace) anywhere report and/or receive guidance.

Any observed workplace hazards or incidents should be reported to either the most immediate supervisory person and/or to security, with appropriate followup documentation or reporting per above.  Any workplace incident involving the resident themselves should be reported as above, and also immediately to the Program Coordinator.

Respectful Workplace

Fraser Health Respectful Workplace policy establishes practices and procedures that promote an environment of mutual respect, safety, and inclusiveness for all employees, physicians, volunteers, students, and others working within Fraser Health. Fraser Health is committed to ensuring that all individuals working within the organization are treated with dignity and respect, free from discrimination and harassment, and supported in resolving workplace disputes in a constructive manner.

All individuals covered by this policy are accountable for their own behavior and must conduct themselves in a respectful, non-discriminatory, and co-operative manner in the workplace and at all work-related gatherings and events.

Fraser Health Respectful Workplace Policy