UBC Card

LMPS Residents are given an "unclassified" UBC student status during their residency program.  Once you have submitted the required registration form and fee to UBC, you may then apply for a UBC card.  This card serves as a personal identity card and gives you access to the library and other facilities. 

All residents require an active UBC card during their residency for access to various resources, specifically UBC Library.  

If you are a current UBC student, please note that you will be eligible to apply for your UBC card as a resident on or after July 1st.

As a registered student, you will be able to obtain your UBC card directly from the UBC Carding Office located within the UBC Bookstore - (604) 827 5900. The processing time is approximately 2 minutes.  For students living outside the Lower Mainland, please apply online via the link below.

These “Resident Cards” give lending privileges in the library at a higher level than the undergraduate student cards.  As well, they are used in the hospital branches where you have been assigned.  They do not function as student cards.  They do not carry the AMS sticker, which provides access to student services.  They indicate the student’s name and special privileges at the graduate level in the library system.  For detailed information on the privileges please call (604) 822 4440 or speak to a Reference Librarian at one of the Medical Library Branches, i.e.: Woodward Library.

UBC Card: http://ubccard.ubc.ca/

UBC Library: http://www.library.ubc.ca/

UBC Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences Contact Person:  Gloria Cheng - 604 827 2673