Residency Rotation Schedule

Always current, but for PRECEPTOR reference only.
Residents are to refer to their one45 schedule.

BC Wide Case Presentation Schedule

academic day seminars

For PRECEPTOR reference only.  Residents are to refer to their "My Calendar" in one45.

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schedule changes

  1. Residents' schedules will change periodically throughout the year for various reasons, most commonly due to changes in preceptor availability.

  2. The Program Coordinator will notify the resident of any required schedule changes as soon as possible.

  3. Residents are not to independently make schedule adjustments without involving the Program Coordinator in the process.

  4. Final approval of the Program Coordinator is required for all schedule changes.

  5. Once approved, one45 will reflect the OFFICIAL schedule (both the "My Rotations" and "My Calendar" sections) and should be regarded as authoritative by residents and preceptors.