Advanced Pharmacy Practice Residency (APRY2) Program Description

Program Description

The LMPS Advanced Pharmacy Residency Year 2 Program is an advanced institutional pharmacy training program focused on providing pharmacy clinicians experiential training in specialized clinical practice, leadership, teaching, and research.

The program is designed to provide innovative and challenging opportunities for pharmacists to experience practice and care in a variety of settings encompassed by our large urban and rural university-affiliated health regions and partners: Vancouver Coastal Health, Providence Health Care, Fraser Health, and Provincial Health Services Authority.

Specialty designation for the 2018-2019 academic-year: Critical Care

Specialty designations for the 2019-2020 academic year (52 weeks):

Internal Medicine


These programs were designed based on the Canadian Pharmacy Residency Board accreditation standards for Advanced (Year 2) Pharmacy Residencies. Each specialty will undergo accreditation separately after the first program year has been completed. For Critical Care this will occur in the fall of 2019. Internal Medicine and Pediatrics programs will each undergo their own accreditation review in 2020 as independent programs.

Successful accreditation status applies retroactively to residents who completed the program prior to the date it was granted.