APRY2 Information for Residents

For prospective residents, please refer to APRY2 Program Details to view potential schedules and rotations you will complete as part of the Year 2 Residency Program.

For current residents, congratulations on your acceptable to the LMPS APRY2 program! Please see below on the next steps to take:


APRY2 residents will have to undergo an onboarding process to be able to work at LMPS sites. This process involves collection of basic information, a criminal background check and signing a contract. For more information about APRY2 onboarding, please see our Onboarding Process page.


To maximize self-reflection and self-development, our residents are asked to set up and record reflections in an ePortfolio. This portfolio serves as both a tool to set future learning goals as well as a retrospective reflection of your accomplishments in the APRY2 program. For more information about the ePortfolio, please see the ePortfolio page in the Resident Manual.


one45 is a tool used by both residents and preceptors for evaluation and administration. one45 allows residents more information about their rotations as well as being the platform to evaluate the resident, preceptor and program as a whole.