New Preceptor Orientation

Preceptor Selection & Support 

  1. Preceptors are expected to have appropriate training/qualifications and tenure in the area in which they are precepting. For direct patient care rotation preceptors, this means a residency and/or clinical advanced degree (or equivalent experience) combined with sufficient experience (e.g.: greater than 1 year) tenure in their practice setting. For other types of rotations (e.g.: Drug Distribution), the specific parameters would be different though adherent to the framework above.

  2. New preceptors are requested to work through and complete the activities listed below prior to the start of their scheduled rotation(s).

  3. The UBC Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences Office of Experiential Education (OEE) offers various precepting workshops during the year which pharmacists are encouraged to attend. A BC-wide workshop for residency and OEE program preceptors is also offered every two years. Please contact the Program Coordinator for details.

  4. Existing preceptors are regularly encouraged to review the precepting resources available, invited to refresh their skills at preceptor workshops, engage in the learning opportunities presented above, and interact with the Program Coordinator about any perceived needs.

Preceptor Initiation Program

  1. Complete the six on-line Practice Educator Development Modules Course (OEE-003) available through the UBC OEE Practice Educator Resource Center. These are online, self-paced modules that will provide guidance and training for new and current preceptors. Each module is 30-45 minutes in length and are eligible for CE Accreditation.

  2. Review the Evaluation and Evaluation Outcomes page and familiarize yourself with the rubrics utilized, expected levels of resident performance, and evaluation processes.

Please do not hesitate the Program Coordinator to discuss any of the above or request further support and guidance.