Residency Advisory Council

CPRB 2.1.3. residency program administration


The residency program shall be directed by pharmacists who hold to high professional ideals and who have the desire and aptitude to teach and administer the program.

Requirement 6

A residency advisory committee shall be in place to provide general oversight of and guidance on the design and operation of the program, with the following characteristics.

a) The committee’s terms of reference, meeting minutes, and associated documents (e.g., position papers, projects) shall be available for review by the accreditation survey team.

b) The committee shall include representation from the program’s residents; if there is more than one resident in the program, at least one representative shall be elected by the group.

c) The committee should include a representative from each participating site (facility or department) and each major component of the program.

d) The committee shall include representation from primary preceptors.

e) Committee members may be appointed or elected, and all members must be active participants on the committee, as evidenced by regular attendance at meetings.

f) The committee shall have representation external to the department, interpreted as any qualified individual who does not have line accountability to the department or a senior administrator to whom the department reports.

g) The committee shall regularly communicate its deliberations and decisions to the department or organization.

h) Where two or more residency programs are operating within the same organization, the residency advisory committees shall regularly communicate with each other.

i) Where two or more residency programs are operating within the same organization, one residency advisory committee may be aligned, integrated, or partnered with another residency advisory committee, so long as it can be demonstrated that the needs of the pharmacy residency program are being met.

j) The committee shall ensure appropriate remediation or probation for any resident who is experiencing difficulties achieving the appropriate level of competence.

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