Competency Self-Assessment


  1. Baseline:  To be completed by the resident before the end of program week 1
  2. In-Progress:  To be completed by the resident by January 1st
  3. Summative:  To be completed by the resident within 1 week after their last program day

Competency self-assessments (baseline, in-progress & summative) will be completed via one45.  These self-assessments will be uploaded to the resident’s eDossier for completion during program week 1 (baseline), and in December (in-progress) and June (summative).  Residents are encouraged to discuss their self-assessment with their mentors, colleagues, and preceptors.  All competency self-assessments will be reviewed with the Program Coordinator.

Based on their reflection of prior learning and knowledge of the goals, objectives and required competencies of the residency program, residents are then required to identify a number of personal GOALS, OBJECTIVES, and/or FOCUS AREAS of learning for their residency year.  These should focus on areas the resident feels requires the most development and/or are of greatest interest to them.  Each goal/objective should be specific, outcome-oriented and measurable.  Residents should also think about HOW each of these goals will be achieved.  

Residents are requied to post this list of their overall residency goals and objectives to their ePortfolio under the “Residency Objectives and Competencies” page by the end of program week 1. 

This list is open/should be used for continuous revision, progress reporting, and reflection by the resident throughout the residency year. 

CPRB 2.21 Admissions Criteria, Policies and Procedures


The program shall use formal criteria, policies and procedures for evaluation, ranking and admissions of qualified applicants to the residency program.


  1. A formal process shall be in place to assess prior learning of each resident prior to the beginning of the residency program.

CPRB 2.2.2 Educational Approach


The program shall use a systematic process to design, plan and/or organize an academic program that facilitates a resident's achievement of the intended educational outcomes.


  1. An individualized plan shall be developed for each resident at the commencement of his/her program.
    1. Based on the assessment of prior learning, a broad written plan for the residency program shall be developed, setting forth goals, as well as a schedule of activites for achieveing those goals. This plan should build on the resident's strengths and address the areas for improvement.