Research Project

The APRY2 research project is focused on answering a clinically and scientifically relevant question in pharmaceutical patient care. Residents are allocated dedicated time for research. Residents are expected to be involved in all levels of the project, including design, ethics approval, data collection and analysis and writing up and defending findings.

For current residents, please see the current research resources page for resources and advice on your project.

CHPRB Standard 3.3: Exercise Leadership Standard

The resident shall demonstrate leadership in professional practice.


  1. (3.3.7) The resident shall contribute to the body of professional knowledge through scholarly writing, through active engagement in review of manuscripts submitted for publication to a peer-reviewed journal, or through review of pharmacy-related award submissions for professional societies.

CHPRB Standard 3.5: Demonstrate Research Skills

  • The resident shall demonstrate the research skills necessary to undertake, conduct, and successfully complete a research project in the defined area of practice.


  1. (3.5.1) The resident shall pose a clinically and scientifically relevant question, explaining and rationalizing their research methods compared to other research methods

  2. (3.5.2-6) The resident shall be responsible for all aspects of the project, including protocol preparation, establishing roles of the team, collecting, analyzing and interpretting the data.

  3. (3.5.7-8)The resident shall be responsible for preparing a report of the findings and presenting and defending the outcomes in front of a panel of experts in that field