2017-18 Projects

Karyn Bagri - 480x480.jpg

Karyn Bagri

Project: Characterization and perceptions of drug interactions by hospital pharmacists

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Vivien Cao - 480x480.jpg

Vivien Cao

Project: Assessing antibiotic usage for acute exacerbation of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease patients admitted in the Emergency Department. 

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Joyce Chang - 480x480.jpg

Joyce Chang

Project: Review of meropenem regimen and efficacy in the neonatal intensive care

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Michelle Durand - 480x480 png.png

Michelle Durand

Project: Prescribing practices of hematologic malignancy practitioners for cardiovascular protection during acute leukemia treatment

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Julia Fan - 480x480.jpg

Julia Fan 

Project: Evaluation of postoperative pain management in opioid-naive elective total hip arthroplasty patietns

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Ryan Fung - 480x480.jpg

Ryan Fung

Project: Retrospective review of fluvoxamine-clomipramine combination in adolescents with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)

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Nicole Giuno-Zorkin - 480x480.png

Nicole Giunio-Zorkin

Project: Real-life incidence of hypoglycemia and thrombocytopenia due to linezolid 

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Melissa Jassal - 480x480.jpg

Melissa Jassal

Project: Improved prescribing of opiates in the frail elderly at Vancouver General Hospital

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Erika Jensen - 480x480.jpg

Erika Jensen

Project: An evaluation of second line drug therapy for severe asthma exacerbation management in children

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Lindsay Kufta - 480x480.jpg

Lindsay Kufta

Project: Hepatitis B vaccination program at two tertiary hemodialysis centres

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Candy Lee - 480x480.jpg

Candy Lee  

Project: Evaluation of sacubitril/valsartan use in a heart function clinic

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Leo Leung - 480x480.jpg

Leo Leung

Project: Evaluation of the adverse effects of high-dose dexmedetomidine in a cardiac surgery intensive care unit

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Rebecca Liang - 480x480.jpg

Rebecca Liang

Project: Evaluation of use of antiepileptic agents for early seizure prophylaxis in severe traumatic brain injury

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Yolanda Lin - 480x480.jpg

Yolanda Lin

Project: An evaluation of domperidone use for increased milk production in breastfeeding women

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Adam Mah - 480x480.jpg

Adam Mah 

Project: Assessing vancomycin dosing practices in the emergency department

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Jasminder Mourh - 480x480.jpg

Jasminder Mourh

Project: Barriers and strategies for pharmacist transition from student to successful clinician

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Karen Ng - 480x480.jpg

Karen Ng

Project: Impact of vitamin D levels on patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) treated with disease modifying therapies (DMT)

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Sheliza Shivji - 480x480.jpg

Sheliza Shivji 

Project: Delirium incidence and management in a medical and surgical ICU

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Priscilla Szeto - 480x480.jpg

Priscilla Shum

Project: Oral anticoagulant agent selection for atrial fibrillation in patients admitted to a community hospital coronary care unit

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Willy Shum - 480x480.jpg

Will Shum

Project: End-of-life care in acute medicine

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Shalini Singla - 480x480.jpg

Shalini Singla

Project: Evaluation of QTc interval in children receiving multiple medications

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Jinglin Tang - 480x80.jpg

Jinglin Tang

Project: Validation of SLEEP-MAD: a mneumonic for improved sleep quality in the ICU setting

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Jordan Torok - 480x480.jpg

Jordan Torok

Project: Survey study of antibiotic use for MRSA associated Cystic Fibrosis Pulmonary Exacerbation

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Elaine Tung - 480x480.jpg

Elaine Tung

Project: Does providing VTE prophylaxis to medical and surgical patients in hospital reduce the risk of VTE?

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Erik van Amerongen - 480x480.jpg

Erik van Amerongen

Project: Evaluation of return on investment (ROI) for pharmacy technicians performing best possible medication histories (BPMH Techs) for admission medication reconciliation in the emergency department (ROI BPMH Techs)

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Puneet Vashisht - 480x480.jpg

Puneet Vashisht

Project: Evaluation of chronic kidney disease symptom algorithms/guidelines and patient information sheets in two kidney care clinics

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Brendan Woods - 480x480.jpg

Brendan Woods 

Project: Designing a Pharmacist Opioid Safety and Intervention Tool (POSIT)

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Marco Yeung - 480x480.jpg

Marco Yeung

Project: Characterization of red man syndrome in pediatric patients in Fraser Health

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Ruthdol Ywaya - 480x480.jpg

Ruthdol Ywaya

Project: Assessment of empiric vancomycin regimen in NICU patients in Fraser Health

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