Onboarding Process - FAQs

Please review the commonly asked questions below.  If you still need help, please contact the Administrative Assistant for further assistance.

passwords and pagers

  1. Who do I call or email when my computer password expires?

    A phone call is faster than emailing for password resets.

    HSSBC Service Desk:
    VCH/PHC - 604-875-4334m 1-888-875-4334, email: servicedesk@vch.ca
    PHSA - 604-675-4299, 1-888-675-4299, email: servicedesk@phsa.ca
    FHA - 604-585-5544, email: servicedesk@fraserhealth.ca

    MediNet: please refer to the Medinet application form for the link to reset your password online

  2. What do I do with a broken pager?

    Contact the Administrative Assistant for assistance.

PCIS Forms

  1. PHC & VCH PCIS forms fields you may need help with...

    • SCM Online Training, Physician's ID, you can enter "0"

    • Job Title = Pharmacy Resident

    • ID = employee number

    • Site = various

    • Dept/Unit = Pharmacy

    • Email = your own personal or FHA email address

    • For Excelleris form in the address field, please put in your rotation sites in abbreviated form. For example:

      • VGH = Vancouver General Hospital

      • RCH = Royal Columbian Hospital

      • BH = Burnaby Hospital

      • ERH = Eagle Ridge Hospital

      • SMH = Surrey Memorial Hospital

      • RH = Richmond Hospital

      • PRGH = Powell River General Hospital

    • College Identifier = please leave BLANK

    • Licence Number = this will be filled in by the Administrative Assistant once we receive this from you

Hiring Package forms

Instructions will be enclosed in the hiring package that will be mailed to you.

  1. When will I be receiving the Hiring Package?

    Hiring packages are sent out by our Human Resources department. Once we received notification from HR that these have been mailed, our Administrative Assistant will alert you via e-mail.

  2. Who do I contact if I have trouble filling out the Hiring Package?

    Instructions for completion of the required forms will be enclosed in your hiring package and should hopefully answer many of your questions. For further assistance, please contact the author of the letter directly.

  3. Who do I send the New Employee Orientation Certificate of Completion?

    Upon completion, please send a copy of the certificate to the Program Coordinator and Administrative Assistant.

  4. What do I do with the New Employee Orientation OHS Checklist Form?

    During your 1st week of Program Orientation, you will be visiting different LMPS sites.  Please find time during your visits to complete this form.  Please return the Supervisor copy to the Program Coordinator on the last day of Program Orientation and keep the other copy for your records. 

  5. Who should I talk to about payroll issues?

    Please contact the Program Coordinator or Administrative Assistant to help direct you to the correct person.

  6. Where do I get my N95 mask size fitting?

    You may have already completed the N95 mask fitting during your undergraduate program.  If you have not or there is a change in size, you can register for a fitting session.  Please see:

    FHA N95 Mask Fitting Schedules (you will need access to the FHA Intranet to view this site):

    VCH & PHC N95 Mask Fitting - search "Fit Test" on this website

Photo Id

  1. Does my photo ID expire?

    The Photo ID expires after the completion of your residency training.

    During the residency year, access to sites deactivate automatically after 18 months of inactivity (e.g.: you are provided site access to VGH at the start of the year if you do not return to VGH again for 18 months the access will stop working.)  If this happens, you will need to contact your coordinator, who will submit a request on your behalf to reactivate.  Deactivations can be avoided by ensuring you swipe your ID cards at secured access points whenever you are on-site for Academic Day Seminars, BC Wide case presentations, etc.  

    Temporary access cards are available for use at VGH and SPH should there be a delay with your photo ID.  Please contact the pharmacy administrative assistant(s) at these sites should you require the use of a temporary access card.

    LMC Photo ID - lmcpid@fraserhealth.ca or 604-930-5442

  2. What type of access is provided with my photo ID?

    At Children's & Women's Hospital (C&W) Level 1 photo ID access is provided to our residents. At all other sites, Level 2 is provided. At SPH, residents will also receive a PIN number to access the SPH Pharmacy. Should you require additional access while you are on site for your rotation, please request these from the pharmacy administrative assistant(s) at that site. Photo ID offices are not able to grant additional access.

  3. Do I have access to the UBC Library branches located at VGH and SPH?

    Yes. Please request these when you forward your Photo ID codes to the Administrative Assistant.

  4. Do I need a separate Photo ID card for Abbotsford Regional Hospital and Cancer Centre?

    No. Please bring your Photo ID with you and the ARH Clinical Coordinator or preceptor will provide pharmacy access for you on the first day of your rotation.

  5. Do I need a BC Pharmacist registration and license?

    Yes. For more information and exam dates, please visit our Licensure page in the Resident Manual as well as the College of Pharmacists of BC website.

M drive

The M Drive is a FHA secure encrypted folder within Pharmacy used to store your research project data.  If you need to access the M drive through Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) or Providence Health Care (PHC) network, you need to have iConnect to access the Fraser Health Authority (FHA) network.  To request iConnect set up and to have your M Drive added for access at VCH & PHC, please contact the Administrative Assistant.