Resident Resources

care plans and workup

Pharmaceutical Care Plan - A comprehensive learning document covering all aspects of patient workup and therapeutic decision-making by pharmacists

Pharmacist’s Workup of Drug Therapy (PWDT)

Patient Monitoring Forms

To get you started and possibly evolve to your own preferences:

Patient Verbal Presentation Cheat Sheet

Health Record Documentation Format 

Although there is no single documentation standard for pharmacists in LMPS, a safe bet for note format is SOAP.  If you can write a good SOAP note, you can survive in almost any clinical setting.  Learn from individual sites and preceptors about their unique documentation standards/formats. Other formats such as FARM (Findings, Assessment, Recommendations, Monitoring) are also acceptable.

Physical Examination Framework

Interpreting Laboratory Tests  -  Normal Reference Laboratory Values [NEJM 1998;339:1063-72]

VCH eHealth Library

Therapeutic Decision Making - A self-study and reference base for clinician learning about critical appraisal and other aspects of TDM. Use it to prepare for JournalClubs, keep a learning portfolio about your TDM learning, or just to check in for great resources on specific topics.

NERD Critical Appraisal Tools - Founded by one of our past residents, Ricky Turgeon, the NERDCAT program began as a pharmacy resident journal club.  Please see the linked website for useful tools and resources for critically appraising evidence.

Drug Information References

UBC Library Resources For Pharmacists